Valentine’s Day – What to Do & What to Wear

Valentine’s Day – What to Do & What to Wear

Valentine’s Day is a tricky holiday. Much like New Year’s Eve, the expectation bar for this particular day is raised entirely too high. We are so concerned with getting it right (or loathing its very existence because we’re single) that we have forgotten what this day is really all about. Love.

Love doesn’t have to mean being in a Nicholas Sparks type of romantic relationship. What about love of your family, your friends, or your pets? What about showing love to complete strangers by doing some type of charity work? Or how about just loving (and treating!) yourself?

No matter what your current relationship status, keep in mind that love exists in many different forms (and fashions!). Here are a few suggestions on how to spend Valentine’s Day this year – and what to wear while you’re celebrating.

Spend the day celebrating YOU!
Flying solo this Valentine’s Day? Well remember, you have to love and take care of you before you’re ready to love and take care of others. Why not celebrate the day by pampering yourself? Spend the day at the spa, or at the very least, schedule a manicure & pedicure. Go shopping and buy yourself something fabulous. Whatever you do, refuse to let yourself get depressed because you’re single on Valentine’s Day. In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Perhaps the greatest relationship is the one we have with ourselves.”

What to Wear: Wrap yourself in comfort today with a pair of leggings and a super-soft and roomy cardigan sweater.
Valentine’s Day - What to Do & What to Wear
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Spend the day giving back.
Whether you’re single or coupled, consider spending the day doling out random acts of kindness in your community. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, visit a nursing home, adopt a shelter animal, or stroll through your favorite park picking up trash. If you find yourself in a drive-through or toll, why not pay for the person behind you? You may even start a Valentine’s Day chain reaction of other people “paying it forward.” What better day than this to get out there and spread some love?

What to wear: Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and a cute sweatshirt and go make a difference in someone’s life.
Valentine’s Day - What to Do & What to Wear1
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Spend the day celebrating with your girl squad.
Grab your best gal pals and head out to a wine tasting or cooking class. Spend the day at an outlet mall and make sure each of you come home with the perfect pair of shoes. Invite the girl gang to your place to binge watch your favorite shows while sipping champagne and eating red velvet cupcakes. Whatever you do, remember this: sometimes your closest friends turn out to be the true loves of your life.

What to wear: A loose-fitting dress in a gorgeous jewel-toned shade paired with knee boots and black tights will have you looking lovely while feeling relaxed and comfortable.
Valentine’s Day - What to Do & What to Wear2
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Spend the day with family.
Make Valentine’s Day a family affair. Take the kids and head out to Hershey Park (or a theme park close to you). Go see a family-friendly movie. Or, consider getting the whole family in on my #2 suggestion and get out and volunteer together. What a great lesson it would be to teach kids how to show love to complete strangers or the environment on Valentine’s Day.

What to wear: You can still be stylish and comfortable on family outings without having to resort to “mom” jeans or sweatpants. A pair of black or dark-washed jeans and a lovely floral sweater is the perfect combo.
Valentine’s Day - What to Do & What to Wear3
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Spend the day with your significant other.
You don’t have to make reservations at the most expensive restaurant in town, which will more than likely be over-crowded and over-priced. Why not visit the place where you first met? Or the first restaurant you had dinner together? If you want to avoid the crowds and hype all together, consider a romantic candlelit dinner at home, followed by watching your wedding or vacation videos or pouring through old photos. The key to a Happy Valentine’s Day is to not get sucked in by all the expectations. Keep it simple and try to celebrate the reason you fell in love in the first place.

What to wear: There’s nothing sexier than a little black dress for date night. Adding a touch of lace gives it just the right amount of romance that makes it perfect for the most romantic night of the year.
Valentine’s Day - What to Do & What to Wear6
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